Sunday, April 29, 2012

My weekend

 We have had awesome spring weather here this weekend! Spring is absolutely my favorite season. I'm so happy that we got to move to this house before spring started. This weekend have been filled with sun and fresh air. We have a lot of wood anemones in our garden so I even brought spring inside.
 I found a bunch of poor abandoned narcissus's in the forest. I thought they deserved a better place so I moved them to our garden. The little ladybug is also something found here in the garden. Thought that was a great place for a ladybug.

 Sunday morning was chilly so I needed to light a fire. Always nice to hear the sound of the fire in the mornings...

This is the project that I have been working on during the weekend. Playing around with pretty pastel cotton yarns, mixing and matching.   

And of course I was for long walks in the sun with the doggies. No pics from that unfortunately. Impossible to bring the camera while walking two excited dogs.
How was your weekend?


  1. I'm so glad you saved the small flowers. Lovely :-)

  2. These beautiful daffodils look wonderful in your rockery garden. The ladybird just adds a special charm to the setting.