Sunday, March 25, 2012

Celebrating spring

Spring is arriving and I want to celebrate that by sales in all my shops! Hopefully also a way to make that amount of things we need to move a bit smaller:)
Free shipping until 31:st if March in Sofia-Sobeide and Varm with coupon code: FREESHIPPING03
25% off on everything in VarmJewelry with coupon code: SPRINGSALE

Busy week this week. We are finally moving all our things and furniture to our house during this week and weekend!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Yet another bunny

Another bunny that I've made. The special thing with this one is that she is made completely for yarn bought at flea markets. Same as Gerard. a bit more eco friendly than buying new yarn.You can often find good and cheap yarn at flea markets. Even though I have a lot of yarn I always buy when I find cheap.

Here she is. Alissa. Available here.
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Kickstart your morning

Easy, healthy and simple breakfast.I'm trying to live and eat healthy. The perfect breakfast is smoothies and protein drinks! I make mine with a lot of fruits, berries, thick yoghurt, a little milk, some oatmeal (fibers!) and protein powder! You can really use what you have at home and in your freezer. Since we are moving and since it is summer soon again I try to use a lot of the berries we have in the freezer. This mornings drink was cranberries and orange, full of vitamin C!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Free pattern: Granny styled egg cozies

Easter coming up soon! I made another attempt to reduce the amount of scrap yarn I have. The result is a sweet, super fast and easy egg cozy granny square styled!

You'll need:
-scrap yarn, worsted weight
- crochet hook 4,5mm / US 7 (H or G will work fine too!)
Change yarn every round if you want your cozy to have stripes in five different colors.

Round 1: ch4, sl st in first to join.
Round 2: dcs will be made into the center of the ring! ch 3, dc2, ch1, *dc3, ch1* repeat 2 more times end with a slst in third ch from beginning of the round (4dc clusters).
Round 3: work in the spaces between the clusters! In first space ch 3, dc2, ch1 in second space (dc3, ch1, dc3, ch1), in third space dc3, ch1, in fourth space (dc3, ch1, dc3, ch1) end with a slst in third ch from beginning of the round (6dc clusters)
Round 4: ch 3, dc2, ch1, *dc3, ch1* repeat 4 more times end with a slst in third ch from beginning of the round (6dc clusters)
Round 5: ch 3, dc2, ch1, *dc3, ch1* repeat 4 more times end with a slst in third ch from beginning of the round (6dc clusters)

Weave in ends and your granny styled egg cozy is ready!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Say hello to Gerard

This is Gerard, the French polar bear! With a beret of course. He lives in Paris and loves baguettes and french fries!
During the weekend we got the keys to our house and have started with all the moving and cleaning. Takes a lot of my time right now. I've also been working on a few easter themes patterns that I will share with you on the blog. Can't promise when but soon!

Saturday, March 10, 2012


I found this fun thin called eyebombing the other day! Such a fun and creative way to brighten other peoples day. I know I will buy a bunch of googly eyes to make some faces here in Turku.
All pictures are from here.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Grab a button

Yei, finally managed to make a "grab a button" button! You can find it in the right column. I've spent so many hours trying to figure it out and didn't manage to get it right. But then I found a super easy site where you can make your own button. Here you can make your own button.

Have a lovely weekend!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My studio /loft

I promised to show you photos from my loft where I have my little studio or at least store all my stuff. Most of my crocheting I do in front of the tv though... It is a small and low loft but cozy. When we moved here three years ago I only had a couple of small boxes with yarn. It is no natural light up there so kind of hard to get any good pics.I try to organize my yarn by color. Not practical really but so pretty!

My tiny drawer. Started painting it white but never got around finishing it...I have boxes filled with yarn under the table and under the shelves.
From my loft I have great view over our apartment. We have huge windows so when we moved I had to sew a curtain my self. It is marimekko's kaivo fabric.
We have also made this ourselves. Well my dad, my fiancé and I. My dad made the wooden frame, I bought the fabric and my fiancé attached it.

Small peeks from our apartment and my loft. Hopefully you enjoyed your visit!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Egon the Dragon

I have a lot of yarn. Too much yarn in fact. I made Egon to try to get rid of some of that yarn... There will probably be quite a fem more dragons in the future since I have a lot of this green yarn left.
Right now I have a loft where I have my craft room and most of my yarn. Unfortunately when we move I wont have a separate room for all my things. Right now I have most of my yarn on a shelf sorted by color. It looks so pretty and I always feel so creative when looking at all the colors. It is tidy up there right now so I will do a photo shoot to show you my lovely loft.

Egon is available here.

Friday, March 2, 2012

My granny square blanket

In January 2011 I started my granny square blanket project. I wanted to make it from scrap yarn and yarn bought at flea markets. At the time I studied and lived in another city and traveled home every weekend. A 6hour train ride one way so I had a lot of time to crochet. So after 6 months of 12 hour train rides every weekend (+ a lot of crocheting in the evenings) I finished my blanket. In August I crocheted the border and my biggest project ever was finished! It is 15*17 squares big which is about 170*200cm. A total of 255squares. It is big enough for two! Completely made from scrap yarn and yarn from flea markets. The white yarn is new though because obviously I wanted to be the same hue of white.
My little helpers

Have a lovely weekend!