Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My studio /loft

I promised to show you photos from my loft where I have my little studio or at least store all my stuff. Most of my crocheting I do in front of the tv though... It is a small and low loft but cozy. When we moved here three years ago I only had a couple of small boxes with yarn. It is no natural light up there so kind of hard to get any good pics.I try to organize my yarn by color. Not practical really but so pretty!

My tiny drawer. Started painting it white but never got around finishing it...I have boxes filled with yarn under the table and under the shelves.
From my loft I have great view over our apartment. We have huge windows so when we moved I had to sew a curtain my self. It is marimekko's kaivo fabric.
We have also made this ourselves. Well my dad, my fiancé and I. My dad made the wooden frame, I bought the fabric and my fiancé attached it.

Small peeks from our apartment and my loft. Hopefully you enjoyed your visit!


  1. Looks really cosy! And I love the picture with all the yarns in the corner :)

    I am a bit jealous, I can't wait when I will have my little workspace like that.

  2. Så himla fint! Kommer inte på något annat att skriva, det är liksom bara så fint!

  3. Så fint du har det - inspirerande!

  4. I love your studio - such a cozy and special place.