Sunday, December 16, 2012

Free pattern: Easy crocheted poinsettia flowers

Still some time left to Christmas. And you always have time to crochet small decorations for the Christmas tree. Or why not use them as wrapping decoration?

You need:
-red or white cotton yarn
-crochet hook (I used size 3,5mm but use what is appropriate for the yarn you use)

Picot: The picot stitch is basically a chain of 3 where you sl st in the first ch of the 3chain. Here is a tutorial with pictures on how to make a picot.

ch6 join with a sl st in first ch to form a ring
Round 1: ch2, in the ring 2hdc, ch1 [3hdc, ch1] repeat 3 more times. Join with sl st in second ch in the beginning of the round. Don't turn. Sl st 2 and sl st in the hole between the 3hds groups.
Round 2: ch2, 2hdc in the same space as the last sl st from last round, ch2, 3hdc in the same space [in next space 3hdc, ch2, 3hdc in the same space] repeat 3 more times. Sl st 2 and sl st in the hole in between the 3hdc groups (pointy part of the poinsettia)
Round 3: ch3, 2dc, picot, 3dc in the same space, sc 1 in next space [ in next space, 3dc, picot, 3dc in the same space, sc 1 in next space] repeat three more times. End with a sl st.

Weave in ends and attach a ribbon or a piece of yarn to hang your poinsettia from.

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