Saturday, May 5, 2012

Free pattern: Amigumi toadstool

This is an old pattern that I also have on my old blog (in Swedish), you'll find it here. Here is the English version.

You'll need:
Crochet hook EUR:3,5mm, US: E/4, UK:9
Red yarn 
White yarn
7-8 white buttons
Embroidery floss
Sewing thread

Chubby mushroom
With red
ch 2
Rnd 1: sc6 in second ch from hook (6sts)
Rnd 2: 2sc in each st around (12sts)
Rnd 3: *sc 1, 2sc in next st* repeat around (18sts)
Rnd 4: *sc 2, 2sc in next st* repeat around (24sts)
Rnd 5: *sc 3, 2sc in next st* repeat around (30sts)
Rnd 6: *sc 4, 2sc in next st* repeat around (36sts)
 Rnd 7-10: sc 36 (36sts)
Rnd 11: *dec 1, sc4* repeat around (30sts)
Rnd 12: *dec 1, sc3* repeat around (24sts)
Rnd 13: *dec 1, sc2* repeat around (18sts)

Change to white!
Remember to stuff your mushroom as you work!

Rnd 14: *dec 1, sc1* repeat around* (12sts)
Rnd 15: sc12 (12sts)
Rnd 16: *sc 1, 2sc in next st* repeat around (18sts)
Rnd 17: sc 18 (18sts)
Rnd 18: *sc 2, 2sc in next st* repeat around (24sts)
Rnd 19-22: sc 24 (24sts)
Now is the time to insert safety eyes if you are using them.
Rnd 23: *dec 1, sc2* repeat around (18sts)
Rnd 24: *dec 1, sc1* repeat around* (12sts)
Rnd 25: *dec 1* repeat around (6sts)
Sew the hole, embroider mouth and sew on the buttons to the mushroom.

 Skinny mushroom
same us the chubby one until round 14.
Rnd 15-23: sc 12 (12sts)
Rnd 24: *dec 1* repeat around (6sts)

COPYRIGHT: Feel free to share the link to this pattern, borrow my pictures (with a link to the source!), make mushrooms for friends and family. You may also sell your finished mushrooms (small scale only!) if you want as long as you put a link or write on the price tag where the pattern can be found! Do not post this pattern or parts of it on you own blog! Links are fine though. If you want to translate it to any other languages please ask me for permission! Have fun crocheting and please respect me as a designer. Thanks!

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