Sunday, June 17, 2012

Price tags

I'd love to order printed tags since that would look a bit more professional. They are expensive and I usually have a hard time deciding on what I want. Since I'm running a handmade business handmade tags are also appropriate. So this is what I came up with.

1. Wrote text on word. 
2. Printed that out (multiple tags per page). 
3. Cut out each tag with a border enough to sew around.
4. Grab some thicker cardboard. 
5. Sew on the tags to the cardboard (no glue needed!). You can experiment here. Sew zig zag or straight, all the way around or  just two sides... Remember to use a old needle and don't use that one for sewing in fabric. And also I use my old sewing machine for sewing on paper. Don't dare to use by new one for that!


  1. Men hjälp, vad snyggt! Fantastisk idé, tack! :D

  2. I think they look absolutely fantastic! Now I want to make some like that too, but I only have my nice new sewing machine (which was a Christmas present) so I don't want to ruin it :P

    I once did ones that were stuck to a thick "rough" cardboard ;) but no sewing was involved...

  3. Might be a good idea to buy one at a flea market! I was going to sell my old sewing machine but I will keep it for making these and I also sew paper bags from old comic magazines and maps (from the telephone book). even though I really don't have room for two sewing machines :D...

  4. Oj vilka fina kort!!! Jättebra id'e!!!

  5. Vilken kanonidé! Jättefina :)

  6. i love these!! they look very effective ^_^

  7. Riktigt snygga! Ska absolut lägga tipset på minnet, me like!

  8. Jättefina etiketter! Så snyggt med sydda stygn på papper!