Sunday, March 3, 2013

It's March already!

And I've been gone for over two months! Sorry about that...

I've been busy planning my wedding, working, writing my thesis, skiing and being sick. I'm better now. I've been having terrible almost daily headaches since early December. Been to several doctors tried too many different medicines but nothing worked. I've been much better now for a month so hoping that the headaches are gone now.

Spring is almost here and I'm filled with inspiration again. I've bought my wedding dress and some other things for our wedding. Also working on invitations and will be showing you a sneak peek soon...


  1. åh, jag vill se bröllops-inlägg!! :-D

  2. Mitt i huvudvärkseländet har du bröllop på gång. Så härligt! Får vi följa med i planerna?

    1. Ja ska givetvis försöka dela med mig av det jag pysslar med inför bröllopet :)