Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The invitations part 2

This is not turning into a wedding blog. But right now my crafting is dedicated to doing wedding stuff. We will not have a big wedding just about 70 guests. But the cards have taken forever to make! The cards are now ready but we still need to write the text, maps and everything else.

Here is another sneak peek of our cards. Will show you the finished cards when we've sent them out.


  1. they look great! it's so cool to have so many handmade elements in your wedding :-)

  2. Spännande! Och vad fint det blir :-)

  3. Ser ut att bli fina kort det där :) Och du är så välkommen att vara med i fotoutmaningen!
    Kram Maria

  4. Detta blir fint!!!! Det syns lång väg!