Thursday, October 18, 2012

Halloween crafts

Sometimes I wish I lived in the US. Halloween is one of those times. Would love to decorate my house wit pumpkins, and eat pumpkin and have kids coming to us trick-or-treating. Oh well. Halloween is not as big here. To buy a pumpkin costs a fortune. Here are some Halloween crafts that I might do anyways. And we are actually having a Halloween party at my job so I might do some Halloween crafts with the kids. 

Links via Pinterest.

Will definitely do the shadow paper skulls, bats and owls with the kids to decorate for our Halloween party.


  1. Halloween is pretty good :)
    You don't have to go as far as US, althugh in UK is apparentely not as big.
    I am totally getting a pumpkin this year - one at least bigger than my head ;)

  2. Yes it is probably bigger in UK than here. They sell some pumpkins here but that's about it. As a teenager we used to have scary movie marathons and have sleep overs on halloween :D...

  3. Jag gillar inte Halloween, men jag gillar Halloween-pyssel förstår jag nu... :) :)