Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pink AND glitter

Normally I'm not the pink, glitter, girly kind. But at my last visit in the yarn shop I found this yarn. Pink AND glitter! How cute is that? I could not resist. So I bough one skein in pink and one in green. I've started a hat with the pink yarn. Not sure if I like it or not. Maybe it would be better as a cowl? We'll see. Might start all over with something else.

Oh and the name of the yarn is Silver Dream. Acrylic yarn. The soft kind not the kind that feels like plastic and have a sound when you crochet with it.


  1. Gulligt är det, men här hade det nog hamnat på dotterns huvud eller runt halsen på henne :)

    Det är kul att gå utanför sin egen box ibland, så kör så det ryker :)

  2. Härligt med rosaglittrigt ;´)